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Skin is my thing.  I love how much you can read on a person's face from their skin and how much I can rely on my own skin as an indicator of my own wellbeing. As the largest organ which covers the entire body, skin is there to provide a protective shield against light, heat, injury and infection. It helps to protect us from the elements, regulates body temperature, produces vitamin D and allows us the wonderful sensations of touch, heat and the cold.


Just as eyes are the windows to our soul I believe our skin health is indicative of our internal health, both physical and emotional. Which is hugely empowering because since it’s an organ and not a structural feature, we have to an extent the ability to affect changes.  So whilst we learn to accept what we were born with in terms of our shape, eye colour, height etc, through lifestyle choices and the types of products we use (or don’t!) we can optimise our skin health such that it performs more efficiently and subsequently looks good too.


Skincare is a ritual I thoroughly enjoy and have a total commitment to without any effort whatsoever. It comes naturally to me after many years but I do understand it would take a little practise to prioritise if it’s new to you. If you don’t already spend 5 minutes a day, ideally sitting and looking into a mirror whilst applying your skincare, I urge you to try it. Be present, pause, be thankful for having skin that serves you so well and nourish it with goodness before setting off about your daily tasks. Here are just some of my faves. 



Hydration at surface level and the icing on the cake of your skincare regime. 

josh rosebrook.jpg


Multitasking mists to prep, perk up skin, refresh, hydrate and soothe. Easy skincare to take on the go. 



The meat of your skincare sandwich. A higher level of actives which can penetrate deeper into the dermis. 

By Terry Cellularose.jpg


Ideally full of active ingredients, your toner should be gentle, restorative, reviving and remove any last traces of make up or grime. 



A twice daily ritual to maintain a clean skin, boost hydration and increase the effectiveness of the rest of your skincare products. 



Schedule some time in the tub and make the most of me-time with oils, aromas, lotions and potions to indulge, relax or boost body and mind. 

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