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Serums are something most of us have now accepted as essential in our daily skincare routine. I think about this step as the part where I'm really feeding the skin, nourishing it and giving it what it needs. In my case (in my late 40s), this involves hydration, plumping, brightening and evening out texture. I loathe the concept of anti-ageing (I one thousand percent WANT to age) but you will find most of the "anti-ageing" treatments will be in serum form due to their ability to penetrate deeper into the dermis and deliver active ingredients where they can be most effective. 

I also love a facial oil. They're not for everyone but I find the few minutes spent massaging my face with a luxurious oil and being present benefits both skin and mind. Oils vary greatly too so it's worth experimenting to find something you and your skin love. I personally like an oil with a good bit of slip (rather than a dry oil) so it works for facial massage.




A brilliant starter-oil, this contains hemp oil and squalane. Lightweight and super hydrating. I use any excess on the ends of hair! 



Velvet Skin

Brightening Serum

I'm biased about this since I worked very closely with Su-Man on this brand. It is effortlessly light and super soft with zero tackiness. Your skin will feel like silk and it's perfect for layering. 



Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Wake up feeling super soft and plumped after applying this at night . Apply 20 mins before your head hits the pillow or it will turn blue!                     

Zelens power D.jpg


Power D

If you're a skincare fan I'm sure you will have heard Caroline Hirons rave about this. Excellent for easily upset skins, it boosts the skin's barrier function with a shed load of vitamin D. A word or warning though - I do not have a sensitive skin yet I cannot put this anywhere near my eyes. 



Rapid Age Spot

Correcting Serum

Whilst not being 100% convinced of the effect on age spots, I am a huge fan of Murad generally. This definitely improved elasticity and smells great. 

Oskia Restoriation Oil.jpg


Restoration Oil

This one has been around for a while and continues to be hugely popular. Packed with plant extracts and oils it has a naturally floral fragrance, primarily from the moroccan rose and geranium. Can be used day and night though my personal preference is as a night oil. You just don't want to layer anything over it. 

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