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brand (noun) 

Goods or services with known features that identify them as distinct from others and/or intangible attributes such as the essence of what they stand for and the feelings they evoke.

con  fid  ante (noun) 

A trusted female to whom matters are confided and problems are discussed. Someone who people feel comfortable sharing innermost thoughts with.


Hello, I'm Andi. What an honour it is to have you here on my website and keen to know a bit more. Here's the story of how I found my way here...

I studied at what is now UAL (University of the Arts London), then followed a career of over 20 years spent in London design & marketing agencies. Having studied the business side of the creative industries, I was always in the position of being 'the suit' (in the days when we actually wore suits to work) yet had a total fascination and slightly more than the usual excitable involvement in the creative side.


Forward to then living in the countryside with two young children, I'd left the agency world behind and although essentially a stay at home mum, I gravitated towards the beauty sector where I found part time work to keep the adult brain cells ticking over and some pocket money coming in. I trained as a facialist and in a number of beauty treatments briefly treating clients from home before taking on Brand Ambassadorial roles for skincare and wellness brands Neom Luxury Organics and Rodial.


As a visiting brand rep in a Space NK store one day, I had my first light bulb moment: I'd discovered a real passion and a fair bit of knowledge within the world of beauty, wellness and skincare and decided I wanted to combine this with my former career skills.  I resigned and immediately set out to provide business and marketing consultancy services to brands in this sector.

The next few years were spent juggling kiddy life, a hugely fulfilling long term consultancy position with  Su-Man Skincare and ad hoc projects including brand representation for The Organic Pharmacy on QVC and a contribution to a white paper on Wellness for the aviation industry.


With the Space NK crew 2013


Amongst the endless spreadsheets and production plans within the skincare business, aside from the product itself, the creative side still lit me up. Adding some further design training into the mix (it was a long time since my Graphics and Art GCSEs!), I began to add design services into an all inclusive communications and design service from strategy to execution.


The second light bulb must have had a dimmer switch because it was a much slower illumination! The skills and the interests were nicely lined up but what was it I had to offer uniquely? Honing in on myself was by far the most challenging part but has certainly been the most rewarding. Through some inner work and self discovery I began to realise that my personal strengths are the ability to listen, to hear the key messages through the noise, to understand and to know how to respond. Added to a desire to see the joy of transformation on clients' faces, everything fell into place. Enter your Brand Confidante...

I'm so pleased to have blended my skills with all of my passions and finally now purpose too, to work with clients I love, doing the things I enjoy most and hopefully helping some of you a little along the way.

So that's the backstory. Read more about the day to day here...

"The best way to succeed

is to discover what you

love then find a way to offer it

to others in the form of service"


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“Andi has been amazing holding my hand step by step throughout the process. Her in depth consultation and knowledge of our industry was exceptional. Andi was able to get inside my head and advised me of things I hadn't even thought of. She understood my brand and personal ethos and was able to include this throughout the website. She listened to what I wanted, helped and supported me to achieve over and above my expectations ensuring an effortless and streamlined process for our clients.”

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Hannah Messer


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