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It's no surprise that my Virgoan tendencies and love of hygiene mean I also get excited about skin cleansing. I have a wardrobe of cleansers all on the go at the same time, all with slightly different benefits or purposes. I prefer a bath rather than shower and love to apply a balm or oil cleanser when I get in and only remove it when I'm hopping out. Cleansing provides another opportunity for a facial massage ritual, always with hands but sometimes with a gua sha tool or a facial cupping tool to really stimulate blood flow and give the muscles a work out.


I'll always use a balm or oil in the evening but for a quick morning cleanse if I'm short of time I'll use something that doesn't rely on rinsing off like a cleansing milk or micellar water (always followed with a toner).  



Cleansing Oil 

Rose Geranium & Apricot

My current twice daily double cleanse: I get through a LOT of this! Pump into the palm, inhale the beautiful aroma and spend as long as you can enjoying a facial massage before removing residue with a hot cloth (that comes with it, bonus!). Post cleanse skin is left supple and hydrated. Just divine. 

Malin & Goetz.jpg


Facial Cleansing Oil

A lovely starter oil if you're new to using oils for cleansing. This one emulsifies when water is added so you're left with a squeakier clean feel than those which don't emulsify. It has lots of slip and a beautifully subtle fragrance of eucalyptus and lavender. 

Soveral Angel Balm.jpg


Angel Balm

Soveral's best selling product, it's a multi-tasker that can be used as a cleansing balm, a mask and even a lip balm. Mine has never made it out of the bathroom I love it as a cleanser too much. Another one with rose geranium it also contains the beautifully nourishing avocado oil. 

By Terry Cellularose Micellar.jpg



Micellar Water Cleanser

As with anything By Terry, this smells utterly wonderful. I use this as a remover rather than a daily cleanse since the micelle particles drag out every last bit of stubborn grime. 

Emma Hardie cleansing balm.jpg


Moringa Cleansing Balm

This is an absolute classic cleansing balm and one of the first successful balms on the market. Containing moringa (a plant also known as the miracle tree for its incredible healing properties) as the core ingredient, it also boasts a wealth of other goodies to leave your skin clean and soft. 



Lyslait Cleansing Milk

Yes this is expensive. But it is also incredibly kind to your skin. I've seen two versions of this and accidentally ordered the wrong one in the past since the packaging is identical. This is for dry and sensitive skins. Not my everyday cleanser but always on the dressing table for a speedy cleanse if time is short.

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