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Candles bring me so much joy, and like my attitude to skincare they represent another opportunity for a ritual that helps to boost the mood I am trying to create. From a relaxing candlelit bath, to a warm inviting aroma for house visitors (when that was a thing!), concentration for work or to shift stagnant energy, I choose which candle to light very carefully to suit the specific occasion. 

I'm also a candle snob. That doesn't mean they have to be necessarily expensive but I am very particular about quality and scent. My deep love is for aromatherapy based soy wax candles which can be used as a treatment in their own right (ie NEOM) but frankly, I am yet to find any natural wax candle with essential oils that comes close to the excellence of NEOM. I worked for NEOM in their very early days having been so inspired by their products. I wrote to the lovely Nicola Elliott (the 'N' and the 'E' of NEOM) who kindly granted me a phone interview to just "talk candles" I was so obsessive! She must have thought I was nuts but it did lead to the wonderful opportunity to represent the brand during which time I treasured the fact I was constantly surrounded by those fabulous scents. I've since learned to pour my own aromatherapy candles and never say never to launching my own line.

Let me know if you're interested in this! 

Whilst candle history dates back to the Egyptians and the Romans, the influence of French perfumers on candle making has left an indelible imprint on the industry we know today. As Cire Trudon boast the position of being the oldest candlemakers still active today, Diptyque (formed more recently in the 1960s) have such a strong foothold on the luxury candle market and are ultimately synonymous with style.  

It takes a lot to get into my candle edit so it doesn't change much over time. If you're willing to experiment, here are some of my faves....




One of, if not the most popular Diptyque fragrance, the fruity blackcurrant berry aroma fills the room adding a distinctive scent style which is instantly recognisable to those in the know. 



Complete Bliss

This has been a firm favourite of mine for a long time.  Now part of the 'Scent to Calm & Relax' range, it contains Moroccan blush rose, lime and black pepper and delivers everything it promises by helping me to unwind. 




The black wax with seductive leather and patchouli based notes, create a smooth velvety feel that envelopes you and invites you to sit and read...

Bahia De Miel.jpg


Bahia De Miel

I took a gamble on this one, ordering from reviews alone and was not disappointed. Sweet with vanilla and honey, it has a decadence and surprisingly masculine sensuality.  Without fail it receives compliments from guests. 




With a base note of Iris, at the heart of this scent is the floral Mimosa to encapsulate the sunny essence of the Côte D’Azur where it has adorned the region since the 1850s. 



Geranium & Orange

Hand poured, par moi! An early prototype of the Bougie Bob range, with soy wax and a balancing combination of pure essential oils. 

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